Random Bag Check and I still have about ten hours left in Utah, but we’re out of the condo in one so I figured I’d drop one final condo blog entry (this is not the final Sundance entry, just the final condo entry). I will miss this condo, in the sense that the beds were too comfortable for me to ever want to leave (though I did) and the layout was unique (I think this thing had 8 floors that went right into the soul of the Earth). We never tried out the jacuzzi, but we ate a lot. Perhaps that is why we never tried out the jacuzzi.

Sundance coverage will be continuing all next week, with more blog entries (looks back, stories I meant to tell but didn’t), more reviews (they keep coming in, and I need to finish my batch), video interviews (got some great ones that time didn’t allow me to post online) and other gibberish. The webcam will be retired Sunday night, but it did a fine job. That’ll do, cam.

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