By Eric Campos | March 19, 2006

Ahhhh…summer camp movies…always the hallmark of a good time – “Meatballs III,” “Wet Hot American Summer,” “The Burning,” “Sleepaway Camp,” “Muddy Pig Sex.” Mmmmm…the memories…But as enriching as the aforementioned films are in providing an accurate representation of summer camp fun, none of them get as close as “Summercamp!” How did they do it? Simple. They just took a camera down to a summer camp and filmed all of the action. The result? It’s kinda like reality “Napoleon Dynamite.”

This documentary captures the total summer camp experience by being right their with the kids as they prepare for their trip, as they arrive to camp and claim and their bunks, as they stumble through a bunch of new experiences and activities…and as they cry for mommy. Well, a few of them cry for mommy. “Summercamp!” is loaded with non-stop charm as we get to know these kids and all of their unique little quirks.

“Summercamp!” is good clean fun. Nothing really edgy here. It’s just kids being goofy, having a good time, getting into trouble and even occasionally sustaining a bizarre injury – watch out for the hook on that fishing line!!! It’s fun and it’s honest and it will go down as one of the most entertaining movies of the year.

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