Diane is super hot, popular, and dating the fine quarterback…so, what’s with the mask? “Sugar and Spice,” which stars girlies Marley Shelton of “Pleasantville” and Mena Suvari of “American Beauty,” tells the story of a cheer squad that bands together to help out their beloved captain when duty calls…even if it means a life of crime, getaway vans and runs in their nylons.
New Line’s “Sugar and Spice” will open nationally on [ January 26th, 2001 ] , but the trailer can be found online right now at [ the official “Sugar and Spice” site. ] . The snippet hints that the film has got something for most anybody — sweet n’ sassy gal pal bonding for the younger tots, and scantily-clad slumber party moments for the boys. Plus armed robbery. Though it is another in a looong line of teen flicks, “Sugar and Spice” throws a black comedy caper, and a very talented cast, in for good measure.

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