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By Film Threat Staff | September 17, 2002

That’s right…an “instructional thriller.” Bernhard Goetz, the infamous Subway Vigilante, who shot and killed four black teenagers in 1984 because he thought they were going to mug him, will star in the indie film, “Every Move You Make.”
“Every Move You Make” concerns Casey, a young woman who is hounded by a perverted stalker who knows everything she does. Goetz plays a self-defense instructor on a videotape that Casey rents when she feels that her life is in danger. I guess it was either that or “Death Wish,” right?
“Basically, the film is an instructional thriller.” explains Glenn Andreiev, the film’s director and screenwriter. “I want the audience to be in suspense, and learn something at the same time.”
“My rehearsal with him was very smooth. For somebody new to acting and film, Mr. Goetz handles it all like a trained actor,” remarks Andreiev.
“In our initial meeting with him, Mr. Goetz comes across as somebody who likes to teach. He’s informative on many subjects,” commented Paul Kanter, the film’s co-producer. “It was only natural to cast him in this part.”
Just make sure you keep your hands out of your pockets when around the guy, right?
“Every Move You Make” is currently being shot in New York.

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