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By Emma Marssy | September 19, 2012

The first thing my new roommate said to me when I moved into my new place was, “you NEED to watch My Normal.”

My Normal‘s main character is a kinky pro-Domme redheaded lesbian writer who hangs out with her pot dealer and sex-worker friends. Sound familiar? I feel like this is my life story.

The movie, although glamorizing working in a dungeon to a hilariously unrealistic extent, is pretty damn awesome. The girls in My Normal are hot, young, rich and kinky as f**k. They have male subs lined up, ready and willing to hand over their credit cards and chauffeur the girls around the city between their swanky apartments and fancy clubs. They even have human ashtrays. Basically, they are living the dream.

The film shows the main character struggling with being a pro-Domme who loves her job and reluctantly trying to leave the sex industry at the request of her severely uncool girlfriend, all while writing a screenplay based on her life in collaboration with her dealer-turned-best-friend. It highlights some pretty important points about leaving the sex industry, particularly the monetary struggle of now making in one month what you would have made in a few days’ work.

The movie itself has some pretty hilarious scenes involving the girls’ clients. The humour is crude and shocking, bringing up taboo subjects like golden showers, and shoving giant dildos where the sun doesn’t shine. There’s some pretty cheesy, borderline softcore porn vanilla sex scenes, though. They gave me major secondhand embarrassment. I’m talking slow motion and soft lighting. Yeah. That bad.

All in all, the portrayal of kink in the film is pretty damn accurate and its awesome to see strong female characters who are passionate and own their kinks. Its badass. My Normal is definitely one of the most relatable BDSM-themed films I’ve ever seen.

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