Director Vincent R. Hasenpfeffer has a vomit fetish. Almost all of the shorts on this crudely produced, and cruder in attitude, compilation tape featured some sort of digestive uprising, none more so than “Straight From Hell.” the flagship of Hasenpfeffer’s fleet. Completely silent save for some sound effects and its (extremely pirated) rock and pop soundtrack, “Straight From Hell” recounts the adventures of a hungover puke factory on his way to the office. It’s a wafer-thin plot, to be sure (with all due apologies to Mr. Creosote) but this gross-out exercise isn’t exactly a story-driven epic.
Other highlights on this tape, apparently produced by (poorly) videotaping a projection off a wall, included “Inside Job,” a quickie black comedy about illicit organ harvesting, and “Pitch Forked,” an amusing if slightly
unfocused satire about the rising and falling fortunes of an agent’s attempt to represent and market Satan.
Hasenpfeffer makes up in attitude what he lacks in ability or production values (except for the vomit, which was impressively quease-inducing). There’s a certain innate spark about this compilation, as primitive and raw as it is. These films, Hasenpfeffer’s first, are about five years old now. I’d be curious what he’s up-chucking, er, up to today.

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