By Admin | December 20, 2002

“Stocking Stuffers” includes three commercials for the fake hosiery line of Sheek pantyhose. The first commercial shows Christy as a sexy blond wearing the stockings – and nothing else. (Don’t get too excited, folks. All the good bits are covered.)
The second commercial features Eric as Christy’s boyfriend with a secret desire for the soft, silky texture of Sheek. If you’ve got a foot fetish, this is the ad for you, considering Christy waves her stocking-clad feet in front of Eric throughout the ad.
The third commercial shows Christy and Eric during the act of love, having an offsetting discussion about the stockings she’s wearing. Again, plenty of skin here (with a little more boobage) and a pretty funny punch line as Eric asks Christy if she’s got a pair for him to wear.
“Stocking Stuffers” features the tag line “I wear Sheek pantyhose, or I wear nothing at all,” which could make an effective ad campaign. In essence, these three short bits work more as a commercial demo reel than short films since they aren’t strong enough parody to be overtly funny (except the last one). They show a good effort and high concept on a commercial campaign, and if done economically, could prove useful in front of the right ad agency.

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