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By Film Threat Staff | July 15, 2002, a small website created by filmmaker Adam Hackbarth (“April Is My Religion”, “Rubylocks”) for the purpose of keeping the St. Louis film/video community updated on local film happenings, casting call information, and allowing filmmakers to promote their own projects, nearly found itself closing its doors recently due to its massive popularity that was overloading the site’s tiny server.

“Normally 600+ members is considered pathetically low,” said Hackbarth. But for such a specific audience, I think it’s pretty darn amazing. Especially if you consider that the overall expenses for the site didn’t even bubble over the $90 mark.”

Hackbarth was ready to give up the ship, but his devoted members wanted more.

“It wasn’t like a massive outcry, but it was just enough people to remind me why I made the site in the first place. The St. Louis film community is an assembly of some of the most vibrant, gutsy people. To lose touch with these people would be a tragic mistake.”

The St. Louis film community need not worry, because Hackbarth has created a bigger and better STLFILMWIRE.COM. By October, he hopes to push the 1200+ subscriber mark.

Check out Adam Hackbarth’s new STLFILMWIRE.COM.

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  1. Vernon Phulymsune says:

    Adam Hackbarth? I know that guy!

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