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By Felix Vasquez Jr. | December 5, 2007

Well it’s that time again for a small summary of the second season that was “Heroes.” All fans of the show were crushed to discover it had taken a huge nosedive in quality practicing tedium, monotony, and broad thinly drawn characters we were supposed to care for. Now with the writer’s strike, creator Tim Kring is using what was supposed to be a holiday break and turned it into a window for a season finale. This will set the stages for what he insists will be a reboot in the third season. I wish I went into this with as much passion and intent as I did last season, but for me the finale paid off with a wonderful ending. Let us go down the line, shall we?

Favorite Hero

Noah Bennett really came into his own this season as a character without powers who managed to do whatever it took to keep his family safe from the company. Season Two should have revolved around him, but uneven writing took a toll on the character’s dignity and we never knew what was going on with him. Saint or sinner? Hero or anti-hero? Justified or means to an end? Who knew, really? Regardless, he did everything in his power to protect Claire and was betrayed, and character still remained the best.

Favorite Villain

Elle of course. Thanks to Kristen Bell knocking it out of the park as usual, Elle was a blond demented little tart who used her electric abilities to persuade many people into her whims and even killed the stereotypical Irish gang leader in his own bar. Bell shows once again that given the right material, she can go head to head with some great talent. There’s also Adam who reminded me a lot of Magneto. Here’s a man who simply despised his race, and did everything to ensure its depletion.

Worst New Hero/Villain
Alejandro and Maya for the steal! By far they’ve been the worst additions this season. Superboy and Adam managed to redeem themselves in the finale, but damn these two had no purpose. Alejandro was offed like a p***y by Sylar, and Maya bought into everything Sylar fed her, never bothered to check on her brother, and was rightfully shot near death. I hope neither of them return.

Best line:
“You do know that you’ve opened Pandora’s Box?” Peter and Nathan’s mother is one evil bitch.

Uh, R-i-i-i-ght:
Hiro goes back into the right time to see the events of the release of the Shanti virus unfolding, and conveniently hears the conversation between Adam and his father. Curiously enough, he can also hear them talking even with the two at a considerable distance behind a thick door.

Character Death Mourned:
Nathan. He’s done nothing all season but follow his mother around, scream at his scarred reflection, and finally serve a purpose that led to an assassination that I found shocking, to say the least. Adrian Pasdar is a great actor, and the character of Nathan had a great potential wasted in the second season.

Character Death long time coming:
Maya. It’s not certain if she’s dead or not, but I can dream. She’s been one of the worst aspects of this season. Whiny, petulant, idiotic, lame brained, and shrill. Thank you, Sylar. Honorable mention goes to Nikki whose arc ended long ago. She shouldn’t have been on this season.

They’re still Around?
The Haitian had a considerable presence this season. He appeared every so often to play the observer and had a great confrontation with Suresh who attempted to sell him on the company to which he replies, “Yes… there’s always a company.” Suresh realized he’d had his memory wiped sitting in place for hours, and the Haitian was gone.

Maya didn’t die. But she should have. Obviously feeling what we all have, Sylar shot Maya in a fit of annoyance and aggravation and did what we all wanted. It’s too bad the writers copped out having her in critical by the time the show ended.

Best Moment of the Season:
The stand off between Noah, Claire, Superboy, Elle, etc. was probably one of the dramatically stronger moments of the entire season. It was composed so well, including the dialogue between Noah and Superboy. I loved it.

Obvious, but Fun!
Sylar lives! Again! But hell, the delivery of his return was done so well yet again. Managing to make it out of the apartment after his confrontation with Elle, he stole Claire’s blood like the rat he is, and injected himself in an alley like a druggie. Alas, the cure worked, and Sylar has his mojo back. I hope he leads the charge as a twisted Mohinder finding villains to aid him next year.

Please Return:
Elle is still a hot little firecracker who was thankfully drawn well over the season; I want more Bell, and I want more of her struggles with her psychological problems and homicidal tendencies. The Haitian is also an under developed part of the series who deserves some focus, and we’ve yet to get a full view on the lives of Parkman and Molly. Will Parkman turn evil with his new powers? How will Molly progress as a tracker? I would like more exposition.

Biggest Surprise/s so far:
1. The third season will focus on the villains. Shocker. For a show that’s been the biggest proponent to the hero’s origin, we’ve seen very little of the villains, and the third volume is entitled: “Villains.” Sylar has regained his powers, the assassin of Nathan still lurks about, many villains from the Company have been tucked away, and Parkman is still using his power of manipulation to get things he wants.

2. Adam was tucked away in his own personal hell, buried alive to live out the remaining years of his life. Immortal and invulnerable, and yet buried alive without anyone to help him out. I loved the punishment from Hiro.

3. Slusho! Can’t drink just six!

Hopes for Season Three:
Less mediocrity, less tedium, less recollections, and less old characters. Now that HRG is not DOA, Claire should be done already, as well as Hiro, Ando, Peter, Nathan, Nikki, Micah, Maya, and Alejandro. This new volume should be the revamp that this show needs. Focusing on heroes is not the show’s problem, it’s the writing that suffered from a serious sense of padding. The story of some vicious villains should do the show some well. Here’s hoping the writers heed the advice of the fans. Put most of the established characters to bed, and keep only a few around. Return the show to what it once was, and yes while it’s a derivation of “Watchmen,” change our minds and convince us it’s still worth watching. If you still receive a reception when season three arrives, that is.

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  1. May5129 says:

    I agree that some of the old characters should be offed because they dont serve a purpose but I dont think they should all be replaced. Claire, peter, hiro, and sylar are my favorits on the show. The Bennet story line is open to many different paths for this upcoming season. The Petrellis and the Hiro are too involved in the root of the show to be replaced. Replacing these characters could seriously damage the ratings and enjoyment level of the show.

  2. Drew88101 says:

    Noah killed Nathan…? I have to admit that’s an angle i haven’t looked at yet. BUT it makes sense, because in theory looking at it. Allowing Nathan to make that announcement of having the power of flight would mean exposing the fact that people do have those abilities to the general public. And claire has had her fair share of almost public displays of her power (I.E. When superboy dropped her in front of the cheerleader) what better way to keep his family safe. ALTHOUGH that’s probably NOT how it’ll pan out but it’s an interesting hunch (it’ll more than likely be a dropped ball and they’ll have the invisible man from season one be the shooter lol)

  3. Matthimself says:

    Im going to miss Nathan he was a great character and needed more, but nikki will not be missed i agree. She sould have died earlier in the season and they needed to keep DL. Kristin Bell sucks, elle sucks, never liked her or the character. the last episode was not that good and the X3 ending with sylar was stupid. Noah killed Nathan.

  4. Jess says:

    1. Nathan’s apparent assaination opens up the possibility of ALL the remaining Heroes uniting to either protect themselves or form a team the way their parents did before them. This would make sense if the next season will be focusing on the Villains, after all a team of good guys needs a team of baddies to counter them and Kring has hinted this will be the case for Season 3.

    2. Although Hiro’s punishment of burying Adam alive seems like a fitting one. He can easily be found by Molly.

    3. Niki was a lame character from the start. I wish they would have offed her sooner. Micah on the other hand is a great character and will probably have the most control over his powers when he becomes an adult than any of the other young heroes. Hell, he seems to have a great grasp on it now!

    4. How does Mama Petrelli end up walking away from both seasons without having to answer for herself? She was on Linderman’s side and openly admitted to have been on Adam’s side once. She used her mental powers to tell Matt to kill Peter if he had to and then made the ominous phone call after Nathan got shot suggesting she knew it would happen.

    5. Did no one else notice the Season 2 finale was eerily similar to the Season 1 finale? Hiro stops the baddie on his own. Nathan redeems and saves Peter. Parkman’s lying on the ground after getting his a*s handed to him… again.

  5. raymond says:

    The person who should have been killed is Sylar. He serves no damn purpose in the show anymore except standing around looking angry. His subplot didn’t result in anything at all this season other than now he has blood that might give him his powers back. Whooped dee fricken’ doo.

  6. Don Lewis says:

    I dunno Hadjii….the week before they said 2 heroes were going to bite it. There’s way, WAY too many heroes on HEROES as is so I think Niki and Nathan are really gone. I liked Nathan too, bummer. There’s only room for one flying person apparently…

  7. hadji87 says:

    Yeah, you’re right about Nathan’s death. But he was shot as many times as Parkman was in Kirby Plaza so I think he won’t die since if he does die his assassination attempt was never set up before hand. I don’t think Nicky is dead either. But yeah, this show is really going the LOST route fast.

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