By Eric Campos | December 7, 2002

This hilarious short immediately opens with many a guy’s worst nightmare. Brian comes home to find that his fiancé, Leigh, has not only discovered his porn collection of twenty years, but has also laid them neatly all about the apartment so that every magazine cover and every video box has its day in the sun. And if that isn’t bad enough, Brian’s buddy Todd, Leigh’s friend Sienna, and Leigh’s parents come through the door after Brian.
What’s a guy to do in this situation, but try to bend that grimace into a smile, pack up all the porn and throw them in the back of the jeep to find a nice, quiet place to get rid of them. Todd joins Brian on this Viking funeral of sorts. This is where we get an amusing peek inside Brian’s head as he reminisces of his porn past – the very first nudie mag he found in the forest, having to stuff a beaver book in the garbage for fear of his mother finding it, and even trading a stack of porn for a couple Frankie Goes to Hollywood tickets. I think many guys can agree with what’s being said here – porn was like gold back in the day. But now as Brian and Todd try to get rid of the booty (heh), they find it an even more difficult task than acquiring it back when they were teenagers. Used bookstores won’t buy it; the Goodwill won’t have anything to do with it; they can’t even toss it in a dumpster because the dwarf from “Twin Peaks”…oh, you’ll just have to see the film.
Funny and even creepy, I predict this short will have a strange effect on men all across the world. They will suddenly feel the need to spend a day cleaning their homes in private. I know that’s what I’m off to do right now.

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