Let’s talk about a serious subject on the minds of a lot of guys who see horror films, especially your fans — boobs! Can boobs really help launch a career? ^ Wow, I love your questions! Well, it certainly can’t hurt to have breasts. They’re called breasts. Yes, they can help because there are lots of roles that want beautiful women. I’m not saying having small breasts is bad because its not. But also having them can stereotype you as, “That’s all you have going for you” and therefore, yes it can hurt you.
Have you ever wanted to just give up? Did you ever think moving to LA was a mistake? ^ I tell you, I have had so many bad things happen in the last year or so that I have been wanting out of the business and then another film comes along and it pulls you right back in. It’s a trap. It’s highs and lows and for every high, it outweighs every low. I do want out of California that’s for sure, but acting…. now that I am producing now, this maybe a whole new venue to go into to.
Was there anything that made it hard to leave Ohio? Is there anything you still miss about you hometown? ^ I tell ya; I went back to Ohio last year in 2001 for the Frightvision convention. I haven’t been back to Ohio for 16 years. I tell ya something, I do not miss it at all and I can never go back. I went to the little town I grew up in and its dead. Even the Shell gas station went out of business. Its bad. I could never live there. It’s funny though; I want to move back east, like Vermont or someplace like that to get away from the Los Angeles and live in a small town, but Ohio…no. I miss the snow. That’s what I do miss.
What was it like growing up in the Midwest? ^ Living in Ohio taught you to treat people with respect and not to hurt anyone. It taught you to do the right things and help others. When I moved to California in 1986, I was shocked. Schools scared me. There were so many gangs and the fences around the schools. See we don’t have that there. I learned quickly that people out here wouldn’t lend a hand when you need it. And they also take and take and take and the minute you say, “NO”, it’s over. They are offended. Sometimes I hate the person I have become because you have to be like them and in this business, its twice as bad. Survival of the fittest. But my roots have kept me from not becoming completely like them and make you still help others. And yes, no matter how much you try and help someone, they seem to always screw you over. I know this but my problem is, I can’t stop helping people.
What made you want to become an actress? ^ I was a normal kid growing up. I loved horror films and would watch them for hours. I used to buy the Fangoria magazines and look at all the disgusting photos in them. I never dreamed that one day I would be acting in these types of films or even producing my own now or even appearing in Fangoria Magazine. It’s funny. I mean, I never really thought of that until a few weeks ago. ^ I never wanted to be an actress. I started wanting to become one after I was in California and took drama in high school. That started it all.
How does working on a movie compare to doing a photo shoot? Which do you like better? ^ Well I like films better. I mean the only real time I do a photo shoot is when I take my theatrical photos or something for headshots. Otherwise, I don’t do modeling — acting is my life.
How do you approach sex scenes in your films? ^ Yes, I have done love scenes. I try and stay away from them, to tell ya the truth because I hate them. They are nerve racking. I don’t do the late night Cinemax films that show everything on the girl and those films are bad. They just exploit the woman. It’s bad. Yes the love scenes are choreographed. You work it out as to what the man can or cannot touch and what you will do. Everyone is uncomfortable. I remember in one film, a guy was so nervous he vomited before he did a scene with this one girl. He was freaking out and I don’t blame him.
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