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By Eric Campos | July 24, 2003

She’s obsessed with horror and is a devoted filmmaker – two qualities we can definitely raise our glasses to around here. At the age of 16, Stephanie Aldridge has directed two indie horror flicks and has a stack of scripts she’s written, all waiting for her camera to bring them to life. Her adventures in filmmaking have seen her working with scream queens such as Lilith Stabs and Stephanie Beaton. She’s also travels to various conventions, meeting fans and screening her films to die-hard gorehounds.

So…what were you doing when you were 16?

Stephanie granted us a few minutes so that we could pick her brain.

When did you first realize that you wanted to make films?
Well, I would have to say when I was 6 or 7 years old; I was really into the whole filmmaking thing. I didn’t realize until a few years later, that this is what I wanted to do in my life–that I wanted to have a career as a filmmaker, actress, director, and more.

Have you received any training in filmmaking?
No, I have actually not received any training in filmmaking. I just jumped into it and started making films and writing scripts. Some of my friends, who are directors and actors/actresses, helped me greatly by guiding me along with my work and giving me advice and help when I needed it most.

How have your films been received? Are you taken seriously as a 16-year-old filmmaker?
My films have been received with a lot of praise so far, and they haven’t even been released yet, which is fantastic! And I am so grateful to have fans and people who admire my work and what I do. Sometimes I am not taken seriously for being a 16-year-old who has acted, directed, and filmed her own movies. And it’s even more difficult for people to believe it because I am a woman. But no matter what, nothing will ever stop me from what I love doing most! And that’s making movies!

How did you hook up with Scream Queen Stephanie Beaton for your film “Slice ‘N’ Dice”?
Well, Steph has been a very good friend of mine for three years now! I first met her at the Frightvision Convention a few years back and we’ve been friends ever since! We email each other a lot as well as talk on the phone. When I pitched the offer of having her play the lead female serial killer in “Slice ‘N’ Dice,” she immediately wanted to do it! And it was a pleasure working with such an amazing actress as Stephanie Beaton! I really do admire her for everything that she has done and I look forward to working with her in the future!

Are horror movies your true passion, or are you going to pull a big switcharoo on us once you make it big and start making movies about baseball?
Hahaha! No, don’t worry about me making any films about baseball! I’m a true horror fan and I absolutely love horror movies! They’re the best! I have been a fan of the horror genre ever since I was five years old and will continue to love them as time goes on.

You’ve made plenty of appearances at horror conventions. Has this been a dream come true?
Oh, definitely! This is everything I’ve ever dreamed of. Being able to make films and act is just amazing. I love it!

Who have been the coolest people you’ve met at the cons?
That’s a tough one because there are so many. But I would have to say Denice Duff, because she was the first actress that I met and I’ve admired her for a long time. I would also have to say Brinke Stevens, Linnea Quigley, Stephanie Beaton, Ivy Blue, Ben Chapman, Bruce Campbell, Tom Sullivan, Reggie Bannister, and there are soooo many more!! I think just about everyone that I have met at conventions have been very cool and nice people.

How have you financed your films? Were there any roadblocks you ran into?
Well, I basically finance the films myself along with my parents’ help. I have had some roadblocks regarding finances, but other than that, everything has been going smooth so far. But if anyone would be interested in financing my films, please contact me at Any help would be appreciated!

Who are your favorite filmmakers?
I really love John Carpenter’s work! “Halloween” is one of my favorite films! I also like George Romero’s movies, Dario Argento, Tobe Hooper, Wes Craven, and Don Coscarelli! (I love the “Phantasm” films!) There are many other filmmakers that I like, but these would have to be my all-time favorites.

What’s up next for you, Stephanie?
God, there’s a lot! But, I will be filming another movie next month with the incredibly talented Stephanie Beaton! So, I am really looking forward to that! It is a vampire film. And I will also be doing an autograph signing in Cincinnati, Ohio on July 26th. My movie “Blood Beneath the Moon” will be shown at a theatre there. Should be lots of fun! Then, I will be attending the Twisted Nightmare Convention, Cinema Wasteland Convention, and more. And then I will also continue writing scripts and making movies! There’s always something going on. Finally, I would like to thank my fans and everyone I know for their tremendous support! Thank you for all you have done for me! Be on the lookout for my upcoming films!

Visit Stephanie at her website.

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