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By Felix Vasquez Jr. | January 19, 2006

If it’s true that we’re molded by the image of our creator, than “Stasis” really does examine our alternative architect and its vision for us. If machines could bring back humans from disease or death, whose image would we be formed in? And would we still be human? Thus is explored in the fascinating and morbid animated short “Stasis” in which we learn of how a human body is reincarnated with grim results. Hite gives ace direction following the process, and the stop motion animation is nearly flawless, while the re-birth sequence is very reminiscent of “Metropolis”, with its female subject being created by machine, no longer a human. With swift animation and beautiful set pieces reminiscent of HG Giger’s designs and some odd machinery. “Stasis” is a sinister glimpse in to re-evolution and re-birth of the modern age, with a macabre ending that really leaves the door open for possibilities in to a larger story.

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