May continued…

“Sex and the City: The Movie”
The series finale wrapped things up nicely, so this one should un-wrap everything, then try to re-wrap everything up again. In other words: why?

“Savage Grace”
Mothers f*****g sons, sons killing mothers and other incestuous/matricidal fun! You go Julianne Moore! Us… we’re going elsewhere…

Stuart Gordon offers up his latest, hoping to grab a bit of the horror crowd that seems to painfully un-catered to during the Summer months (really, they don’t get anything substantial until the Fall, it seems).

“The Foot Fist Way”
Finally, this hilarious Sundance film makes its way to theaters for all to enjoy. With May wrapping down, this is an excellent film to get in before the June-July onslaught of blockbusters really wears you down.

May is done so bring on June in Part Four of Film Threat’s 2008 Summer Movie Preview>>>

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