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By Phil Hall | October 14, 2013

You are certainly familiar with the old warning that one should be careful about wishes, because sometime they come true with unintended consequences. That is the core of Jared Marmitt’s entertaining thriller, “Common Misconception.”

Marmitt plays an ex-cop who once created more harm than good during a criminal takedown. Bounced from the force, he becomes obsessed with tracking down a serial murderer known as the Morse Mill Killer. The ex-cop gets his wish, but quickly discovers that the killer also has a wish of his own: to track down the former officer.

In his performance as a man who is 100% action but 75% brains, Marmitt’s loose-limbed charm works wonderfully against the steely malignancy of Jonathan Evans’ killer. Marmitt’s direction is sharply focused, and a climactic chase in an abandoned funhouse amid the bloody remains of the killer’s victims works effectively.

There might be the seed of a great feature film in this compact short. Hopefully, time and funding can help bring the core concept to wider possibilities.

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