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By Film Threat Staff | November 11, 2001

19 year-old amateur indie filmmaker Joshua Meeter is the mind behind the claymation film “The Award Showdown.” This original low budget short was a loving dedication to Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, John Williams, and Harrison Ford — one in which they beat the crap out of each other! Lucas and Spielberg can be seen battling over awards in the ultimate claymation smackdown. (Remarkably, the short was actually endorsed by Steven Spielberg and John Williams.)
Meeter is now remaking the original short with the help of a professional production studio. This higher budget production will feature more detailed figures and over the top special effects. “I’m trying everything I can to get this film eligible for the Oscars as Best Animated Short Film and so far it’s looking good. I plan to have it finished in order to make the deadline for the Oscars, that includes clearances. I’m trying to hype up this movie and would appreciate it if you could help hype it on your website, or at least mention it.” (Editor’s note: Josh, consider it hyped!)
John Williams viewed the original version and loved it, granting Meeter permission to use his music in the film. The higher budget version promises to be an even more ambitious grudge match. “We’ll see what he thinks of this new one I’m making,” says Meeter.
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