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By Mark Bell | June 27, 2008

There are still quite a few reviews to come. This year I can say that we saw, or are currently still seeing, all the films the festival had to offer. Shorts included. There is one film that has eluded me thus far, but I’m working on it. If you’re looking for a CineVegas film and it’s not below, just check the site over the next week or so, as it’ll appear here eventually.

Before we get going with the round-up of coverage, I want to give my thanks to Team Film Threat for the 2008 CineVegas Film Festival:

Chris Gore – You lost your pass within 20 minutes of attending the festival, but I forgive your rookie move because, well, you made this all possible.

Don R. Lewis – You didn’t make it out to Ellis Island this year, but you did work and party hard, and I can’t thank you enough for another kick-a*s year covering CineVegas.

Jamie Tipps – I feel bad because you somehow managed to arrive at the festival right when my energy level had dropped off considerably (at least where partying is concerned), but you more than made up for my fuddy-duddyery by rocking the fun and screenings yourself.

I’d also like to thank everyone at CineVegas who make the festival possible. Extra love to all the volunteers who shuttled us around, and who kept the festival rolling along at an efficient pace. Special thanks to Trevor Groth, Mike Plante, Kate Payne, Chris Libby, Francesca Torre and Kelly Frey.

All the films we’ve seen so far are linked below.

“Año Uña (The Year of the Nail)”
“Beautiful Losers”
“Big Heart City”
“The Black List: Volume One”
“A Catalog of Anticipations”
“Chelsea on the Rocks”
“The Clay Head”
“Clear Glasses”
“The Cool School”
“Dark Streets”
“The End”
“Explicit Ills”
“Finally, Lillian and Dan”
“Get Smart”
“Go Go Tales”
“The Great Buck Howard”
“Hank and Mike”
“Happy Birthday, Harris Malden”
“Help Me Eros”
“Hi my name is Ryan”
“LAST CUP: Road to the World Series of Beer Pong”
“The Last Mistress”
“Momma’s Man”
“Plot Point”
“The Rocker”
“She Unfolds by Day”
“The Wackness”
“Where Are Their Stories?”
“Your Name Here”

I made my way to the computer immediately following the end of each day (usually at the start of the following day) to blog about my CineVegas adventures, and said entries are linked below.

This is how you start a film festival…
That’s a wrap on the 2008 CineVegas Opening Night…
Why am I still awake?
Three days in, and all’s well…
But… I don’t wanna go home!
Took the night off, still up at 5am!?!
My only regret is that Don couldn’t share in the fun…
The Battle of Film Threat…
Watch Out for “THEM!”
One Last Cup of Sorrow…

That’s all she wrote, folks. Until next year…

Mark Bell, Editor pooping on watermelon seeds

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