By Chris Parcellin | October 20, 2001

Ed (John Stonehill) is a speedwalking fool. The hyper little bugger regularly charges down the sidewalks of New York City obsessive seeking fitness in loud fitness togs and carrying his beloved fannypack. But Ed’s world is thrown into a tizzy when a Una-Bomber style wacko alerts police that he’s placed a bomb in the exercise nut’s a*s-pack. Ed must keep walking or the bomb will be detonated.
Soon the cops are speedwalking right alongside Ed, as is his ex-wife Grace who comes looking for her alimony check–and get’s sucked into the vortex of this silly predicament. Grace, of course, immediately starts haranguing her ex. Simultaneously, a CNN type news channel is covering with the story with the kind of deadly seriousness that makes the scenario seem all the more preposterous. Things end on a happy note and Ed and Grace are back together and “getting laid on a regular basis”.
“Speedwalking” is a pleasant little film that doesn’t pretend to be anything more than a light comic diversion.

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