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By Eric Campos | January 8, 2005

Got a longing to go to Graceland? Been itching to visit the birth place of Charles Manson? Forming a plot to storm the walls of Neverland Ranch? Today might be the day to take action on these wants and desires. You never know, a life changing experience may be waiting just for you. Of course, if you storm the walls of Neverland Ranch, that change will involve a long visit to jail. Not recommended.

When life sucks, as it’s known to do, four strangers band together to hit the road on a journey to Fairview, Indiana, hometown of dead screen legend Eddie Ray. Fashioned after the late James Dean, Eddie’s bad boy magnetism thrives even today and it pulls these strangers to Fairview in their hopes of perhaps finding a key to unlock the answers to all their problems. And they do find some of those answers, but it’s not simply on account of this road trip to Fairview. It’s the youthful stranger that they pick up on the way that shows them the path to a kind of inner-peace. But who is this guy? Is it the ghost of Eddie Ray? Is it a personified kick in the a*s from life? Mmmmm…could be…Or maybe it’s just all about who the viewer interprets this person to be. After all, you’re on this 87 minute road trip, too. Your guess is as good as anyone else’s.

If you’re into road trip movies, this one’s for you. What’s more, if you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, or that life just isn’t giving you a fair shake, perhaps this trip to Indiana is what you need. Your journey partners are likeable characters brought to life by touching performances. At the very least, “Somewhere in Indiana” will entertain you and that’s what movies are about.

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