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By Brian Bertoldo | December 6, 1999

A high school student film and it shows, So We Robbed a Wawa has us believe that movies like Natural Born Killers, video games and suburban boredom are responsible for teen violence.
Four suburban teens with nothing better to do, other than drink and get high while mommy and daddy are away, rob a local convenience store. Something goes terribly wrong; I say someething because the actual robbery scene is done entirely in audio only, and our four desperados meet their end at the hands of local police. Want more? Well, that’s it in a nutshell, other than the fact that yes, it is a high school film and the acting is bad; the suspense of the car chase isn’t there and the gunfights remind me of the cap gun shoot-outs I had when I was ten. The enclosed screenplay has merit, so perhaps when Ward and Mulligan go to film school they can make a college quality remake. So rock on and stop playing so much Nintendo.

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