Team Film Threat has been slowly putting together the puzzle that was last night’s events, but it’s not all together… yet. See, Red Bull sponsored a Film Threat / Suicide Girls party, and all our friends turned out for the fun, including an old friend of Mark’s: Mr. Jagermeister. To say that drunken debauchery happened would be an understatement. It rained all night, we drank all night, we danced all night and it was a blast. For those who were worried about me as the night went on, I’m fine, feeling grand, was feeling pretty good last night. No hangover… believe it!

I’d offer more details, but we’re waiting for pictures to surface, as we remember them being taken at various times throughout the night. That, and we don’t remember much of the evening. What I vaguely remember:

– Talking with the gang from the deadCenter Film Festival, Pete’s friends, the “Monkey Warfare” filmmakers, Zach Selwyn and the G4 crew, women in ninja costumes, Kevin Rose and so much more.

I’ve been told that Luke Wilson was in attendance, but I did not see him. Apparently he was rocking incognito with a mustache, so I may’ve talked with him. Unless pics appear, we’ll never really know.

And I’d like to take this moment to throw out a special thank you to Vinny and the G4 crew, for getting me back to the hotel safely (and not soaked). It would’ve been a long walk otherwise, and THAT would’ve sucked.

Anyway, I’ve been working since early this morning on a crappy internet connection that keeps cutting out (making everything from updating reviews to newsletters take FOREVER), so I’m going to go get some food and water in me. Seeing “Knocked Up” this evening, s’all good. Well, hopefully s’all good. We all have such high expectations for the film it could really f**k the bunny’s nutsac… s’what?

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  1. Mike Ferraro says:

    Yes Mark! I told Gore to puke some Miller Lite in my honor, but you’ll do fine. Wait to go!

    I wish I there rocking with you b*****s.

  2. DonLewis says:

    p.s….Mark barfed. That’s why he wasn’t hungover.

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