By Rory L. Aronsky | January 16, 2007

The Santa Clarita Valley is one of the prime filming locations for many TV shows and movies. There’s a scene a bit before the climax of “Little Miss Sunshine” where Dwayne (Paul Dano) decides he doesn’t want to go any further. That was filmed here. And the town of Agrestic in “Weeds” is comprised of a few locations in this valley.

But I am psyched, perhaps morbidly, because I’m not sure of my fate on TV. I’ve never thought of that, never by watching nearly all of the productions on TV that have passed through here. “24” decided to make it so in the fourth episode of the new season by terrorists detonating a suitcase nuke in Valencia. Panicked by the encroaching presence of a heavily-armed tactical team, one of them just flipped the switch and look at that, there goes Pavilions supermarket, the Edwards Valencia 12 movie theater, College of the Canyons (all those years of school, then my AA degree earned and now this), the Valencia library (well, I’ve avoided those fines), and The Signal newspaper where I intern every Tuesday and Thursday.

But let’s think about this. We learn that the suitcase nuke has an immediate range of 10 miles, not taking the fallout into account. Except we don’t have an Old Mill Road in Valencia, but after an explosion like this, it doesn’t matter. I’m in Saugus, just a little far off from Valencia but damn, am I trapped. President Wayne Palmer dispatches the nation’s resources to help us and the fallout hasn’t come yet. Doubtful I’d have electricity, so someone tell my Film Threat message board account that I loved her. Then again, I’m 1500 feet up. Chances are I wouldn’t even have life.

Pray for me. The government’s coming to try to help. 😉


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  1. Don Lewis says:

    Orrr….we learn that “some people” don’t write the words “SPOILER WARNING” for those of us who TIVO’d “24”…you bastard! I hope a nuke goes off in your shorts.

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