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By Mark Bell | May 30, 2007

“Blind Date”
Directed by Claudia La Bianca
The second short to feature that Verizon phone, and another to rely on bathroom humor to sell itself. Definitely stylistic, but the entire concept in shorts or features based on the bad blind date is so played out, making this entire endeavor weak.

“Getta Rhoom”
Directed by Jason Epperson
Geek goes to the movies. Can I relate? Yeah, I know that guy, the dork who gets a laugh and then just drives the joke into the ground. I didn’t like the car accident / ending in Heaven, though. As for the judges thinking the guy had special issues… I’ll admit the thought came into my mind, but so what? We can’t laugh either way?

“File Size”
Directed by David May
Anytime you attempt to do something with office humor, you’re setting yourself up for a comparison to TV’s “The Office” and/or the brilliant “Office Space.” In other words, you set yourself up for defeat unless you’ve got a genius take. This short was not that the genius take; mediocre at best.

“Danger Zone”
Directed by Zach Lipovsky
This guy may be the visual effects heir apparent to Michel Gondry, but his one-shot short was brilliant in all areas. Hands down the best short of this week! Right now Zach is the guy to beat in the competition. That being said, it’ll be interesting to see if he’s ever challenged and forced to make a short WITHOUT any special effects.

“A Golf Story”
Directed by Trever James
A classic story of old vs. new with a nice spin to it. Not necessarily funny, but a very competent short film… you know, except for the lack of anything that really screams “mini-golf” beyond the different colored ball.

“Love in the Year 2007”
Directed by Shalini Kantayya
Wow, another dating and relationship short (and another including a close-up of a cell phone). Except for the comment about MySpace, doesn’t really explain why this had to be set in the year 2007. Nothing to call home about, but definitely better than the other blind date short of the episode, if I had to pick one.

“Please Hold”
Directed by Phil Hawkins
Public Enemy said it best: 911 is a joke (get up, a get get, get down). Public Enemy also had a funnier concept with their video for said song. The end could’ve gone REAL dark when the burglar took the phone from the victim, but blah blah blah. Outdated joke, done poorly. Also, Phil didn’t quite get that it’s a BAD THING when someone says a one minute short feels longer than a minute, which is not a good sign for a filmmaker.

“Check Out”
Directed by Shira-Lee Shalit
Cell phone shot again! A sexy take on the whole airport security ordeal. Imaginative and funny, definitely one of the highlights of the week. Audience, if you need to vote on the “Girl Power!” card, give it to Shira-Lee!

“Replication Theory”
Directed by Sam Friedlander
Farts are funny, right? Nah, man, they’re generally lazy humor. Coupled with voice-over, farts are made even lazier. Had a nice twist with the lady fessing up at the end, but overall I have to disagree with the judges that this one was funny or good.

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