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By Mark Bell | June 11, 2007

There are few things as engaging as a well-told joke, and that’s what makes “Business Johnson” so much fun. Essentially just a bunch of friends and family sitting around telling stories, laughing, bonding on the front porch, “Business Johnson” does a brilliant job of bringing you onto the porch as one of the crew for the telling of one simple joke, performed like an epic.

Now, the key to a solid joke quite often has nothing to do with the punchline, but the delivery (case in point, see “The Aristocrats”), and the actors in this film are more than up to the task; not only keeping you interested in the story, but also thoroughly entertained. Rodney Perry carries the load of the short, as it’s his joke to tell, and he hits it right out of the park.

At 7 minutes, Casper Frank and Talia Raine’s “Business Johnson” gets in, out and on with it. Personally, I wouldn’t mind hanging out on that stoop all day listening to these guys go on about anything, but that’s what it’s like when you find yourself amongst good company.

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