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By Doug Brunell | January 4, 2007

Why four stars instead of five? Because I liked this film so much that I wanted it to be longer than fourteen minutes. These characters get inside your head, and you want to know more about them, even though they are pretty despicable and morally bankrupt.
Take Scott (J. Todd Adams). He owes his bookie twenty grand, so what does he do? He and his wife (Nicole BarrZ) get in their car and flee, and he takes a job as an apartment manager for a slumlord (Mario Digregorio) who is one hell of a badass. What happens on his first day of work? Scott gets tossed out a third story window. Brilliant.

This fast-paced, stylish bit of crime cinema is perfect in every respect but running time. Fans of the genre (and film in general) will find themselves totally impressed with the work that is presented here. And if they’re not, they better check their pulses, because this film is far superior to the crap Hollywood has been crapping out as of late. It’s realistic and funny, too — elements often misused in this genre.

Thank you, wonderful cast and crew. You’ve done a marvelous job that deserves to win every award it is nominated for (and it was a winner at the 2006 Flickering Image Film Festival). Now make this thing into a feature-length film and get me a copy quick. I want to know what led up to this and how it ends.

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