By Christopher Curry | April 13, 2006

A dwarf goes on a killing spree after being corn-holed by a cave dwelling desert rat. The desert rat is later revealed to be a mad scientist hired by the government to create indestructible humans. He hacks his victims to pieces and then puts them back together
from the parts of others. The cops are in on it and they do their best to cover it up. Lots of chicks in bikinis, lots of chicks out of bikinis, and everyone gets drenched in gallons of blood.

It’s shot on video and looks and plays like a porno, just substitute sex for gore. Sophomoric and juvenile but it’s watchable. Horror fans will enjoy seeing star Felissa Rose all grown up. She played the murderous hermaphrodite Angela in “Sleepaway Camp.” Lloyd Kaufman, Ron Jeremy, Seymour Butts and Brinke Stevens guest star.

Troma released this beauty with interviews with Felissa Rose and Adam “Seymour Butts” and audio commentary by Ford Austin (the mad scientist).

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