The Slamdance 2006 Film Festival has invited 20 competition feature films, and 6 special screening features, to screen at the 12th annual festival. Eleven of the Competition Features screening this year are fictional narratives and nine are documentaries. In addition to the 26 feature length films, 21 of which are Premieres, Slamdance will also screen 57 short films in competition. Festival films come from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Cuba, Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, Korea, New Zealand, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom and the USA. Larry Clark’s latest film, WASSUP ROCKERS (First Look Studios) was previously announced as the opening night film. Special Screenings, films screening out of competition and festival events will be announced at a later date.
The festival, once again headquartered at the Treasure Mountain Inn (255 Main Street) will take place January 19-27, 2006, in Park City, Utah – coinciding with the Sundance Film Festival. Slamdance will expand further in Salt Lake City, to include film screenings, screenplay readings and events in Sugar House.


Narrative Feature Competition

The Actress – US Premiere – (2005, 91 min., Australia) written/directed by Zak Hilditch. ^ Tom, Claire and Kevin are looking for a new house mate …then Emma showed up to destroy all of their relationships.

The Call of Cthulhu (2005, 47 min., USA) directed by Andrew Leman. ^ HP Lovecraft’s celebrated tale of supernatural horror brought to life as a 1920s silent film.

Find Love – World Premiere – (2005, 77 min., USA) written/directed by Erica Dunton. ^ Two strangers find love when looking for it, was the last thing on their minds.

The Guatemalan Handshake – World Premiere – (2005, 96 min., USA) written/directed by Todd Rohal. ^ In the confusion following a massive power outage, an awkward demolition derby driver vanishes – leaving behind his friends, family and pregnant girlfriend to solve the mystery.

Liebeskind – North American Premiere – (2005, 85 min.,Germany) written/directed by Jeanette Wagner. ^ After five years a father and daughter reunite, only to find that their new-found relationship is less than perfect.

Love Is The Drug – World Premiere – (2005, 96 min., USA) directed by Elliott Lester. ^ A love triangle among recent high school graduates proves deadly.

Motorcycle – World Premiere – (2005, 81 min., USA) written/directed by Paul Gordon. ^ A young man in search of a girlfriend, a young female bicycle messenger in search of
enlightenment, and a teenage girl weary of small town life, all find themselves riding the same motorcycle.

The Other Side – World Premiere – (2005, 95 min., USA) written/directed by Greg Bishop. ^ Samuel North escapes from Hell to track down the person who murdered him, but the Netherworld sends a team of Reapers to bring him back.

The Sasquatch Dumpling Gang – World Premiere – (2005, 84 min., USA) written/directed by Tim Skousen. ^ Young, fantasy/sci-fi aficionado Gavin Gore and his friends stumble onto some huge footprints in the woods, while two of his dim-witted neighbors hatch a scheme to profit from the situation.

Things To Do – World Premiere – (2005, 80 min., Canada) written/directed by Theodore Bezaire. ^ A twenty-five year old office worker leaves big city life behind, retreating to his childhood home to re-examine life while resolving regrets.

We Go Way Back – World Premiere – (2005, 80 min., USA) written/directed by Lynn Shelton. ^ Adolescence has left 23-year-old actress Kate robbed of her bearings and her boundaries. Can a surreal confrontation with her 13-year-old self redeem her? A sly and tender depiction of one young woman’s journey of self-rediscovery.

Documentary Feature Competition

Abduction – World Premiere – (2006, 85 min., USA) directed by Chris Sheridan & Patty Kim, written by Patty Kim. Produced by Jane Campion. ^ The haunting story of a 13 year-old Japanese girl kidnapped by North Korean spies.

B.I.K.E. – World Premiere – (2005, 89 min., USA) directed by Jacob Septimus & Anthony Howard. ^ Bicycles represent a culture of individualism and freedom.

Do You Remember Me? – North American Premiere – (2004, 60 min., Germany) written/directed by Alexander Heuken & Michaela Liechtenstein. ^ The story of a Thai mother who is forced to choose between keeping her youngest daughter, or giving her away to save the child’s life.

Downtown Locals – World Premiere – (2005, 82 min., USA) directed by Robin Muir & Rory Muir. ^ Why can’t a man stand and perform? Follow six unique subway performers as they struggle to earn a living and defend their right to perform in New York City’s underground.

The Empire In Africa Thief – World Premiere – (2005, 87 min., USA) directed by Philippe Diaz. ^ The story of the unjust war the international community waged against civil war stricken Sierra Leone.

The Great Happiness Space: Tale of an Osaka Love Thief – U.S. Premiere – (2005, 75 min., USA) directed by Jake Clennell. ^ A look at Japan’s latest trend in adult entertainment: “Host” Bars & Clubs for women who want to be entertained by stylish, charismatic young male hosts who charm their clients into buying expensive drinks.

Forgiving Dr. Mengele (2005, 80 min., USA) directed by Bob Hercules & Cheri Pugh. ^ The story of Auschwitz concentration camp survivor Eva Mozes Kor whose controversial decision to forgive notorious Nazi Josef Mengele doctor who performed cruel genetic experiments on her and her sister, caused a firestorm of criticism.

The Holy Modal Rounders: Bound to Lose (2005, 87 min., USA) directed by Sam Wainwright Douglas & Paul Lovelace. ^ After 40 years of unpredictable live shows, drug addictions & breakdowns, psychedelic folk rock legends, the Holy Modal Rounders survived one of the strangest careers in music. With appearances by former Rounders drummer, playwright/actor Sam Shepard; Dennis Hopper, John Sebastian of ‘The Lovin’ Spoonfuls;’ Peter Tork of ‘The Monkees’ and others.

Stroke – U.S. Premiere – (2004, 111 min., Germany) directed by Katarina Peters. ^ Destiny Stroke – an autobiographical document about an amazing couple – and the healing powers of love and music.

Special Screenings

Letters from the Other Side – World Premiere – (2005, 74 min., USA) directed by Heather Courtney. ^ Video letters carried across the U.S./ Mexico border interweave the lives of several women to tell an intimate story of those left behind in post-NAFTA Mexico

The Limbo Room – World Premiere – (2006, 80 min., USA) written /directed by Debra Eisenstadt. ^ When an actress accuses a co-star of harassing her on stage during a rape scene, her understudy gets up caught up in the off stage drama.

Neo Ned (2005, 97 min., USA) directed by Van Fischer (Slamdance 2000 Alumni – BLINK OF AN EYE). ^ An Aryan Brother (Jeremy Renner, CLASS ACTION, LORDS OF DOGTOWN) falls in love with a black girl (Gabrielle Union, BRING IT ON, HONEYMOONERS) who claims the soul of Hitler is trapped inside her. Also with Sally Kirkland (THE STING), Cary Elwes (THE PRINCESS BRIDE), Steve Railsback (THE STUNTMAN)

The Perfect Life – World Premiere – (2005, 85 min., USA) directed by Sam Lee. ^ The Perfect Life follows five Harlem teenagers over the course of two years, after reuniting with the filmmaker – who was also their second grade teacher.

Monday – World Premiere – (2005, 89 min., USA) written/directed by Heidi Van Lier (Slamdance 1999 Alumni – CHI GIRL). ^ An unromantic comedy about a 30 year old loser with OCD and slight agoraphobia who has his worst day ever…as he tries to find the girlfriend who dumped him, locked him out of his apartment, and started him on a string of humorously painful adventures.

Wassup Rockers – U.S. Premiere – (2005, 115 min., USA) directed by Larry Clark. ^ A group of East Los Angeles Latino Rocker Skateboarder teens skate through the wilds of Beverly Hills on a journey that changes their lives forever. OPENING NIGHT FILM.


Documentary Short Competition

Do You Want The Elephant Music (2005, 17 min., USA) directed by Leslie Dektor.

Grand Luncheonette (2005, 5 min., USA) Directed by Peter Sillen.

Rising Tide (2005, 24 min., USA) Directed by Robert Todd & Michael Dwyer.

Under The Roller Coaster (2005, 15 min., USA) Directed by Lila Place.

Ride Of The Mergansers (2005, 11 min., USA) Directed by Steve Furman.

Outsider: The Life and Art of Judith Scott – World Premiere – (2005, 26 min., USA) directed by Betsy Bayha.

Afloat – World Premiere – (2005, 5 min., USA) directed by Erin Hudson.

Fast and Reliable (2005, 8 min., USA) Directed by Tom Soper.

Yard Sale – World Premiere – (2005, 26 min., USA) directed by Brad Barber.

Animated Short Competition

The Flooded Playground (2005, 20 min., USA) Directed by Lisa Crafts.

The Love Train (2005, 8 min., UK) Directed by Eva Bennett.

The Book of Visions – World Premiere – (2005, 12 min., USA) directed by Annie Poon.

The Boy With No Name – U.S. Premiere – (2005, 5 min., USA) directed by Adam Smith.

Vaudeville (2005, 5 min., USA/S.Korea) Directed by Chansoo Kim.

Left and Leave – World Premiere – (2005, 10 min., USA) directed by Yongchu Suh.

Stasis (2005, 7 min., USA) Directed by Jason Hite.

Dragon – World Premiere – (2005, 7 min., USA) directed by Troy Morgan.

Short Film Competition

Alla Fein (Where To) – World Premiere – (2005, 12 min., Egypt) directed by Karim Fanous.

Barely Visible (2005, 13 min., Australia) Directed by Jody Dwyer.

Bright Sunny South (2005, 26 min., USA) Directed by Kentucker Audley.

California – North American Premiere – (2005, 12 min., Cuba) directed by Irene Borrego.

The Day I Died – World Premiere – (2005, 11 min., Argentina/USA) directed by Maryam Keshavarz.

Daylight Hole – North American Premiere – (2005, 6 min., UK) directed by Matt Palmer.

The Devil – U.S. Premiere – (2005, 39 min., Poland) directed by Tomasz Szafranski.

Dirtyglitter 1: Damien (2005, 14 min., USA) Directed by Aron Kantor.

Five More Minutes (2005, 7 min., USA) Directed by Dena DeCola & Karin E. Wandner.

Full Metal Slacks (2005, 5 min., USA) Directed by Scott Calonico.

Gender (2005, 10 min., Belguim) Directed by Daniel Lamberts.

High Winds – World Premiere – (2005, 17 min., USA) directed by Vanessa Ly.

Hiro – World Premiere – (2005, 20 min., Canada) directed by Matthew Swanson.

The Homecoming – World Premiere – (2005, 4 min., USA) directed by Michael Lucid.

I Ran With A Grey Ghost – World Premiere – (2005, 5 min., USA) directed by Levi Abrino.

Kiest Park (2005, 5 min., USA) Directed by John Ayala.

Listening – World Premiere – (2005, 4 min., USA) directed by Yvonne Buchanan.

Los Coyotes – World Premiere – (2005, 20 min., USA) directed by Lee Isaac Chung.

Monster (2005, 10 min., Australia) Directed by Jennifer Kent.

The Nightingale – World Premiere – (2005, 7 min., USA) directed by Daniel Kelley.

No Exit – World Premiere – (2005, 14 min., USA) directed by Etienne Kallos.

No More Sympathy – North American Premiere – (2005, 15 min., USA) directed by Patrick Tsai.

No Ordinary Sun (2004, 15 min., New Zealand) Directed by Jonathan Brough.

Not For Sale – World Premiere – (2005, 15 min., USA) directed by Maryam Keshavarz.

Opus (2005, 4 min., USA) Directed by Mary Helena Clark.

The Paper Wall (2004, 11 min., Canada) Directed by Sheila & Nicholas Pye.

Patterns – U.S. Premiere – (2005, 8 min., Canada) directed by Jamie Travis.

Phone Sex Grandma – World Premiere – (2005, 9 min., USA) directed by Jack Truman.

Pounds Per Square Inch (2005, 6 min., USA) Directed by Heather Posner.

Ruth & Maggie – World Premiere – (2005, 8 min., USA) directed by Ron Eyal.

The Saviour (2005, 18 min., Australia) Directed Peter Templeman.

Scorn (2004, 23 min., Spain) Directed by Raul Cerezo.

Siempre Quise Trabajar En Una Fabrica (I’ve Always Wanted to Work in a Factory) – North American Premiere – (2005, 9 min., Spain) directed by Esteban Crespo.

Snails – World Premiere – (2005, 12 min., USA) directed by Pablo Di Zeo.

Still Life (2005, 9 min., Canada) Directed by Jon Knautz.

Television Love – U.S. Premiere – (2005, 20 min., Poland) directed by Jaroslaw Banaszek.

Tolerance – World Premiere – (2005, 3 min., USA) directed by Mark Finch Hedengren.

Triptych – World Premiere – (2005, 16 min., Canada) directed by Michael Shu.

Us – North American Premiere – (2005, 7 min., New Zealand) directed by James Blick.

Wake (2005, 17 min., USA) Directed by Keun-Pyo Park.

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