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By Admin | May 13, 2000

Most of us experienced rough times at some point in our childhoods. Whether it was not fitting in with our peers, or getting bullied by older kids who reveled in tormenting us at every opportunity. These are the kind of situations that are supposed to be “character builders”. And while they can be demoralizing, they’re good preparation for a lot of the cutthroat jackasses we’ll face in their adult lives.

Skye Ashton wasn’t the popular girl in school. The Orange County, California native spent her adolescent years as something of an outsider–pursuing academics and sports and being something of a nonconformist. But the young brainiac also happened to possess a figure that made heads turn like Linda Blair in “The Exorcist”. The 5’5″ blonde soon began modeling, which lead to acting gigs and a prominent place on Playboy TV’s steamy “Sex Court” alongside buxom B-movie amazon Julie Strain.

These days Ashton doesn’t have to worry about whether she fits in or not. She’s carved her own niche in the entertainment biz. And now when people chase her, it’s with their tongues hanging out…

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