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By Chris Salce | May 4, 2019

Corey’s day couldn’t be any worse. Then he gets a free cup of coffee.

Short films are hard to pull off. You have to tell a cohesive story in a limited amount of time. Well, writing reviews about short films can be almost as tough especially when the short is under five minutes long. But, luckily, Sweater provides enough story and entertainment to write about.

Corey (Nick Borenstein) starts his day with a new sweater and waiting on a date. When he thinks he has met up with his blind date, he gets shot down – this is the beginning of his crappy day. After getting shot down in a very brutal way, he then is asked to take a photo of a couple while he’s holding a pizza. When he attempts to take the shot, he drops his pizza, without any remorse from the couple who are just worried about their picture.

“…surprisingly, his luck changes. The barista says that the cup of coffee is on the house…”

Corey makes his way for some coffee and how can this go terrible? The coffee he orders is more than what he can afford, but surprisingly, his luck changes. The barista says that the cup of coffee is on the house. Not only does Corey’s attitude change but so does the whole tone of the film.

The short now turns into a two-minute long dance routine which is actually impressive and funny. It was a well-choreographed routine which even involved an elderly lady. Sweater began to look like a music video from the early 2000s. Man, do I miss the old MTV…

Sweater is a short film that we all can relate to. We have all had crappy days and when one thing finally goes our way, it feels like a miracle and might even make you want to do a dance routine…? Well, maybe not that part, but you get it. Nick Borenstein wears all the hats in this short. He directs, writes, acts, dances, and produces this film, the guy can just about do anything.

Sweater (2019) Directed and written by Nick Borenstein. Starring Nick Borenstein, Evan Hoyt Thompson, Jonathan Marballi, Lauren Ireland, Daniel Jaffe. Sweater screened at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival.

7 out of 10.

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