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By Chris Parcellin | September 25, 2001

You grew up in California and yet you played hockey as a kid. That seems kind of unusual. Were you a big tomboy? ^ Was I? I still am. I have always played every sport I could get my hands on, and hockey was the one that I was really good at. I still play to this day. In fact, not only was I the football player rather than the cheerleader, but I was such a tomboy that I never even owned a Barbie doll! I had a huge collection of G.I. Joe’s instead. Even today, I like to do all of the custom work on my truck myself, I just completely remodeled my house by myself (tiled floors, refurbished old appliances and etc.) and used to work in construction laying Ardex floors. Then there’s also my musical side where I play drums double-kick/heavy metal style (11 yrs.), bass guitar, electric guitar heavy metal style and I love wrestling!
But you were also a bookworm, right? That’s a pretty unusual combination. ^ Is it? I guess my mind appreciates educational attention just as much as my body appreciates recreational attention. I love to learn, because no matter how much we know there is always something else that we don’t, and I’m a curious girl – I like to experiment and try everything once. That way I can relate to other people better, too.
And you got beat up as a youngster? What was up with that? ^ You know, I don’t think I’ll ever really know what the core reason behind that was. Although I’m sure that being so poor your clothes came from the Salvation Army (and those were new to us!) and not always being able to eat when we were hungry, then being 2 grades higher than everyone else your age and then a psychology major in college at 15, huge coke-bottle glasses and bad hair…I’m sure you can guess why I got beaten up all the time, huh?
You initially broke into modeling when you were 17, and you weren’t getting work at first. What was the problem? ^ The agency that “broke” me into modeling, so to speak, was basically a legal scam. (Yes, they exist!) Their only real intentions were to take my hard-earned $500, tell me to be excited about what they were going to do with me, get my hopes up, then finally sit on their a*s and blow off my phone calls. So I said, “Screw it, if they can’t get me work, then I’m gonna get me work.” All of my professional accomplishments were obtained one way – through me.
How did you get your big break? ^ My now good friend Will Robertson who is a Playboy TV producer, basically took me (with no experience) under his and Playboy’s wing and taught me everything I know, from the ground up. I had submitted myself online to Playboy’s website for a model search they were doing. They called me back and scheduled my feature shoot without even testing me first. That was my first REAL shoot ever and I was so nervous! During that shoot the girl who’d hired me called Will and told him how I’d be perfect for their Sexy Girls Next Door show, and by the time I got home from my shoot that day, I actually had 3 different messages on my machine from people at Playboy who wanted to use me. I was totally blown away.
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