By Eric Campos | October 31, 2004

In “Skunk Ape!?” we find a punk band, “Screamin’ Scab and the Herpes,” having band practice in a little shack in the middle of the Florida Everglades just as all punk bands do. After banging out a couple of their rotten tunes, the band is interrupted by an old man who warns them that their noise is disturbing the Skunk Ape’s peaceful home. He goes on to suggest that if they need to carry on with their practice, perhaps something with some wood winds in it would be a little more pleasing to the mythic creature’s ears. Referring to the Skunk Ape as the “p***y version of Bigfoot,” Scab and his Herpes keep ragin’ on until the power goes out and they are chased out of the Everglades by some sort of mysterious being.
Preferring to leave the episode behind them, the band drives back into the city where they go on leading their punk rock lifestyles – being rude and crude, playing lousy shows and shooting drugs. Little do they know that the Skunk Ape had hitched a ride on the back of their van and now stalks them on their own home turf, slaughtering each of them one by one before returning back home to m********e in peace and quiet. Yes, “Skunk Ape!?” features a rather lengthy ape masturbation sequence and it is a delight. Glorious!
Memorable characters, a goofy ape suit, bad music, masturbation and a McGruff the Crime Dog type moral cop, this hilarious short keeps getting funnier with repeated viewings. There aren’t many shoestring indies out there where you’ll actually remember lines from them and quote them on the street. Of course, most everybody won’t know what the hell you’re talking about. You’ll be branded a gibbering meathead and cast out from society. But that’s okay…more time to watch “Skunk Ape!?”

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