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By Mark Bell | January 21, 2007

It’s 6am, and I’m stirring the troops for another day in the field. Yesterday we all tackled a hefty load, each seeing 4 films, and today will be more of the same. The major difference? First screening today is 8:30am, whereas yesterday it was 11am. Whaa-whaa, right?

Listen, no two ways about it, this is a blessed job, so I’m not complaining. If the most challenging thing I’ve got to do is wake up really early, see 4 films, write reviews for said films and then try and get to bed at a decent hour, well, things are looking good for me. It can be tolling physically (hence my blacking out the other day), but it’s all do-able, and it’s all for the love the movies.

I’ve had a number of people come up to me and say “hello” who have been reading the coverage of the festival thus far, and this blog specifically, and to those people I’d just like to say, in writing, that I appreciate the conversations and the interest in what we do at Film Threat. I also want to apologize if any conversation with me is a scattered affair, with instances of spacey-ness (not Kevin Spacey-ness). It’s the festival grind, not the conversation, that’s wearing me down.

And thanks for all the compliments on the hat. Definitely drop by SuicideGirls and give Noir the kudos, as she made the hat and all I’m doing is rocking it whenever I can. Hopefully I’ll be able to hit Main Street soon for some insanity coverage. The press screening theaters have taken up the majority of my day, but I want to get out and about so I can share the full experience with you. Check for more videos, definitely, as today and tomorrow go on.

Anyway, must get the shoes on and head out. Going to see a doc about the guy who got f****d to death by a horse up in Seattle (he didn’t get f****d to death in his “Seattle,” the death happened in Seattle). The mental images I can’t erase are already piling up, so this should be a fun addition. I never thought I’d see a chick climax and then piss all over a guy without paying for it on the internet, but well, that’s Sundance…

Yeah, there’s a final thought: I’ve seen more sexual graphic-ness and weirdness at this Sundance than a lonely night of web-surfing usually serves up. And not one hard-on… for me that is…

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  1. Gigi says:

    You must be tired, hon. Hope you took your Airbourne.

    Sounds like a blast…can I go next year??? 😀

  2. Phil Hall says:

    So, how was the film about the fatal equine act of carnal knowledge?

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