By Admin | April 16, 2007

Watching two gay guys engaged in post-coital pillow talk that’s almost exclusively about serial killers and raping young men is unnerving in a strange sort of way. Though it really gets to be rather disgusting when they actually start acting on their plans. And that’s what “Skull and Bones” is going to be about. Two gay guys, believing themselves to be the downtrodden of the New England area and quite thoroughly sick of sex with each other (not kidding, folks, that’s an actual quote!) decide to liven up their drab, humdrum misery and kidnap a straight guy, drug him like no tomorrow, and rape him repeatedly. When said straight guy inadvertently dies, the two gay guys then decide that they liked the thrill of killing so much that they would go on a murder spree. With lots and lots and lots of chemically-induced anal rape. Until they run up against several members of the quasi-legendary secret society Skull and Bones, and then things are going to get even worse.

When this diabolical twosome spends the first five or so minutes of the movie talking about their favorite movies, showing especial love for Wes Craven’s massive heap of s**t “Last House on the Left”, you can pretty much tell what will be following. Casual brutality like no tomorrow flows from this movie like blood from the a******s of their targets.

And yes, that’s a disgusting metaphor. But frankly, it’s applied to a truly disgusting movie. So to be perfectly honest, it works. I never thought I would see a movie that revolved around fantasy wish-fulfillment for truly disturbed homosexuals, but yet, there it is. Not to spoiler too hard, but let’s just say the killing spree works out surprisingly well for our duo, and with seemingly no ramifications or consequences.
All in all, “Skull and Bones” is vile and repulsive, clearly the spawn of a director who, despite all logic, finds inspiration from Wes Craven.

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