Helen Stickler, the director of the Sundance-screened pop culture documentary “Andre the Giant has a Posse,” will host a “one night only” skate film program at Houston’s Aurora Picture Show that spans genres, genders and decades. The special program (rail) slides into town on Friday, September 8th and has programs at 8 and 10:30PM.
The program will feature…
[ SPONSORED ] , Wing Ko, Video, 30 mins. ^ A documentary from Mike Valleley’s point of view about his skateboarding career since the mid-80’s.
[ BELOVED SON, BROTHER IN MEMORY, ALWAYS A CHAMPION: A TRIBUTE TO JEFF PHILLIPS, ] Scott Pellet, video, 15 mins. ^ Dallas vert legend Jeff Phillips’s short life and lasting legend is chronicled in this video from a 16 year old fan.
[ MAKING SKATEBOARDS IN NEW RUSSIA, ] Dag Yngvesson, Video, 12 mins. ^ An ethnographic film about skaters in Russia, making their own skateboards in the early 90s.
[ THORN AND TOAD, ] Tobin Yelland, Super 8 on video, 3 mins. ^ “Thorn and Toad is two sides of a story about a fight. I basically filmed each story and cut them together. I’ve known Thorn for fifteen years and Toad for around ten.”–Tobin Yelland.
[ LIVE AND LET RIDE, ] Tara Cooper, Super 8/16mm on video, 18 mins. ^ “Live and Let Ride is a documentary all about girls that skateboard. Through skateboarding footage, interviews, and music the film portrays the girls that are out there skating everyday yet remain largely ignored by the media and sports world. With interviews and skating of Cara-Beth Burnside, Jen O’Brien, Jesse Van Roechoudt, Jodi McDonald, Patty Segovia, and Rookie Skateboards, the all girl-owned skateboard company based in Chinatown, NYC.”–TaraCooper
[ SKATOPIA, ] Rick Charnoski, video, 12 mins. ^ “SKATOPIA is a story about a party held in the spring of 1998. It’s a place where people come to party and skateboard and drive 4WD trucks and light fires and shoot guns and get naked. A few times a year people travel from around the US to the hills of SE. Ohio in order to let it all happen at one of the events hosted by Brewce Martin, the man responsible for creating this ‘skateboard utopia.’ Anything and everything can happen at Skatopia, and it does.”– Rick Charnoski
[ BACKWORLDS FOR WORDS, ] ^ Cheryl Dunn, 16mm on video, 17 mins. A new art film featuring skater and artist Mark Gonzales in Europe and the U.S.
Be a true friend of the Picture Show and ride your board there, or carpool, and receive a [ free ] pass for another screening. For all details, see their [ website. ]

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