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By Chris Parcellin | May 23, 2001

The James Dean style star (Jerry Broome) of “Sixty Cups of Coffee” says in a voice-over that he once heard that drinking the aforementioned amount of java would “stop your heart like a tight-wound watch”. So, the film’s protagonist hits a local coffee shop to see if his number is up.
As he chokes down cup-after-cup of the nasty brew, a couple of beefy trucker types bet on whether he can do it. Undaunted, this rebel without a coffeemaker keeps firing down the caffeine cocktails–and the crowd grows increasingly tense as he nears his ominous goal. Let’s just say that the startling finale is well worth seeing.
“Sixty Cups of Coffee” is a clever, well-made film that takes an offbeat idea and really makes it work. Filmmaker David Ward delivers the goods.

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