By Admin | July 1, 2003

Silent films can still be effective today, depending on the content, but it’s likely that they will only see the light of day in today’s cinematic world through the ideas of indie filmmakers. Directors Jeff Cioletti and Lou Tambone have taken it upon themselves to come up with one really frickin’ funny silent film short, that even sticks in the tinny piano music played during silent films.
George Lucas is pissed as hell at three Internet-surfing Star Wars fans who have revealed too much of the plot of Episode II. It seems only right to assume that because of the copyright year of this film. Anyway, it’s time to take some drastic action and if you thought Stormtroopers were only relegated to the big screen to do damage, you’re dead wrong. Lucas sends out his two top Stormtroopers to find these three dudes and give them a deserving, and hilarious, helping of justice. Star Wars fans, and even non-Star Wars fans should give this a whirl. These two guys are great!

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