By Mark Bell | July 22, 2012

Aidan (Adam Maggio) and Maia (Megan Kinney) are on a date at a restaurant. Well, maybe they’re on a date. Neither of them seems to be willing to commit to the idea for one reason or another.

Couple that with it being “Single’s Awareness Day” and you’ve got a recipe for uncomfortable already, but both date participants also came on the date equipped with the different facets of their personalities for a running commentary on how poorly things are going. And we’re not talking simple voices in their heads; these pieces of their personalities are in the flesh, and crowded around their own tables within earshot of the couple.

While the subject of Will Godar’s Sides of Me is a bit too rom-com cutesy on the surface for my tastes, I can’t deny that the film works, and it works primarily on the strength of the editing. As the conversation between Aidan and Maia goes along, the film is cut in such a way as to make it seem like the different personality parts are the ones truly having the conversation, and a fun rhythm develops. It doesn’t get too cut-happy, and it doesn’t miss the beat. Simply dead-on and awesome editing.

Beyond that, the actors are very good in the film; extremely engaging and likeable, in all their different personality roles. Which is good because, let’s face it, if you didn’t like either one of them for whatever reason, it doesn’t matter how well-edited the flick is, you’re going to tune out at some point.

Sides of Me is a cute film, but more importantly it is a pretty good film. It was a pleasant watch and though I’ve seen films with similar premises before, when something works, it works. Again, credit to top-notch editing and acting performances.

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