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By Eric Campos | November 24, 2005

So much gritty 70s cool and twisted violence, you’ll swear that Quentin Tarantino is sitting next to you massaging your thigh.

When the daughter of a top politician is kidnapped by a gang of freaks and killers, loose cannon police girl Rei is sprung from the pokey by her boss to infiltrate the gang and rescue the damsel in distress. Rei had been imprisoned for previously being a little too overzealous in her work by murdering a criminal she had been tracking. And she didn’t just murder the guy…she shot him in the ding ding. So, knowing her violent ways, her boss inducts her into a super secret branch of the police force specially made for ding sing shooters and Rei suddenly finds that she’s become a Zero Woman.

For years, English speaking fans have had to put up with non-translated versions of this Japanese exploitation classic. Now, thanks to the gang at Discotek, old fans and new are supplied with subtitles so they can read along with the adventure as Rei slices, dices, shoots, burns and strangles with her handy dandy red handcuffs, that magically open just wide enough to clamp clamp around a person’s neck, anyone she deems worthy enough of some swift justice. Plenty of over-the-top violence and nekkid bodies to please the hardest core of exploitation junkies.

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