The Sick Puppy Festival and The Pink Bubble Bath Film Festival go “head to head” (so to speak) on February 15th in San Francisco.
“Just as our hangovers start to clear from our sold out 2nd annual screening in Los Angeles,” says Pink Bubble Bath organizer Oscar Perez, “we’re off again, this time for a One Night Stand in San Francisco during Valentine’s Day weekend, Friday, February 15th, and Saturday, February 16th, at 7:30pm and 10:30pm.”
Oscar tells us that the 7:30 pm show will showcase the films of Pink Bubble Bath 2000 for everyone that couldn’t get in last year and the 10:30pm show will reveal all of Pink Bubble Bath 2001. Of course, there will be complimentary drinks from Redrum and Kozak vodka, and FUCT clothing giveaways for the audience. Interested parties can take a Pink Bubble Bath at Spanganga located at 3376 19th Street (in the Mission) in the heart of San Francisco. For club info, call 415-821-1102. Bring a $10 bill if you would like to attend.
The Sick Puppy Festival will be screening its own brand of cinematic weirdness with a stern warning: The Sick Puppy Festival has been known to contain a healthy dose of violence, profanity, nudity and mature subject matter. If you might be offended by this sort of material, please do not attend the Sick Puppy Festival. If you have any other questions, please do not attend the Sick Puppy Festival. Strangely, this only makes us want to see it more! Sick Puppy takes place at the Red Vic Theater located at 1727 Haight Street in the belly of San Francisco. If you bring a $10 bill, you will receive $3 back as the cost of entry is merely $7 bucks. Details can be had at the respective festival web sites.
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