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By Admin | March 23, 1998

Wow. If you’d like to know what it’s like to move to the East Village, have lots of sex, score drugs, find an apartment, and pull in some questionable income, this film is your step-by-step guide. Of course, this presumes you are already a somewhat hard-core party chick. Bonnie Dickinson does a great job as Suzanne, the couch-surfer protagonist, especially when she and friend Kathy (Leanne Whitney) tweak out about their OD’ed playmate with aggravatingly realistic panic. There’s a rollicking bit about a psycho performance artist and his hungry, drug-addled roommate, and Titania (or Tight for short, played by Philly) is a riot as the would-be landlord. With one hair-raising shenanigan after another, lots of loud, improvising, stoned actors (boy, it sure looks like they’re really doing the drugs, but I’m not asking) and some pretty funky sex scenes (e.g. sex in the tub with the dirty dishes), it’s too bad nobody threw a couple of hundred G’s Verow’s way for film and processing. They should do so now, before Verow commits another of these fine snapshots of New York City’s club-kid grind to the magnet.

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