Rebecca Cook‘s “Shooting Livien,” starring Jason Behr (“The Shipping News”, TV’s “Roswell”), Sarah Wynter (TV’s “24”), Dominic Monaghan (“Lord of the Rings” trilogy) and Joshua Leonard (“The Blair Witch Project”), will begin shooting November 15th in New York.
“Shooting Livien” is the story of John Livien (Behr),a disillusioned New York rock musician struggling with
the authenticity of his identity and goals. His band on the brink of success, his fantasy becomes dangerously blurred with reality as Livien struggles with his crisis, falling further into the illusions of who he is expected to be. A story for anyone that has ever chased their dreams, “Shooting Livien” takes us inside the life of an artist trying to find his voice, and make peace with the world around him.
Wynter plays Emi, a talent scout who discovers the band and is drawn into the world of Livien. Monaghan and Leonard will play Livien’s band mates, Owen and Robby, respectively.

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