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By Doug Brunell | November 21, 2005

If you’ve ever read the “100 Bullets” comic book you know that the stories often involve people getting into situations where they are in way over their head. They are presented with a choice, and that choice (whichever way it is decided) will change their lives forever. “Shooter” is like that. In fact, if it were a bit more violent, it would be a “100 Bullets” story.
Tasha (played by the incredibly talented Jamie Burton Oare) is a high school basketball player with a future. Her sister, Monica (Monica Mallet), had the same future, but she threw it away and started banging. Now that Monica’s on parole she’s promised her sister that she’s living a clean life. When the cops start asking Tasha questions about Monica’s whereabouts at the time of an armed robbery, the younger girl starts to question her older sister’s word. Of course, nobody believes that Monica is the good girl she claims to be now, including her old coach (Cynda Williams-Plummer), who is also Tasha’s current coach. The coach wants Tasha to come clean with what she knows, but Tasha really knows nothing … until something happens that sets her straight in a big way.
“Shooter” is about family, loyalty and doing the right thing when the wrong thing has been done to you. That’s a solid base to build any story on, and this film captures all of that superbly without ever feeling forced. Catch this as soon as possible.

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