“Star Wars” fan Shane Igoe has decided he’s got the perfect place for the 2014 winter games: Hoth. Yeah, the Hoth that was featured in “The Empire Strikes Back.” Never mind the fact that it doesn’t really exist, it’s chilly climate and hilly landscape make not only the ideal location for a rebel hideout but also, according to Igoe, the perfect spot for the winter games. Igoe has launched a website where you can sign an online petition to get the games hosted on Hoth, design an athlete, try to avoid a George Lucas lawsuit (kidding) and some other nifty stuff. May we also suggest some events?

Perhaps Tauntan slalom, Wookie curling and a Rebel -vs- Empire snowboarding competition. Dude, Darth Vader totally got gnarly on the halfpipe! How are Film Threat’s own Chris Gore and Mark Bell not on the campaign trail for this to happen?

Read all about it at Hoth 2014 Official Website>>>

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