By Film Threat Staff | September 25, 2003

Italian horror comes to Cookeville, Tennessee, on Sunday, September 28, 2003. An all-day festival, Shockfest celebrates the careers of the late directors Antonio Margheriti and Joe D’Amato with a pair of their rarest films – D’Amato’s “Death Smiles on a Murderer”, starring Klaus Kinski, and Margheriti’s great piranha epic “Killer Fish” with Lee Majors and Karen Black. As an added bonus, Paul Naschy’s Spanish classic, “The Mummy’s Revenge”! 
In addition, there will be a thirty-minute reel of rare horror and exploitation trailers, and appearances and talks from industry professionals and personalities – Donald Farmer (“Red Lips”), Jonathan Thornton (Blood Feast 2), Philip Newman (“Savage Vengeance”), and “The Sisters of Outsider Cinema” – Amy Lynn Best, Jasi Cotton Lanier, Ryli Morgan and Lilith Stabs.
Doors open at 1:00 pm and the film festival kicks off at 6:00 pm. Tickets are just $5.00.
For more information, visit the Shockfest website. 

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