Shock-O-Rama Cinema has announced the DVD release of the tongue-in-cheek homage to women-in-prison films, “Prison-A-Go-Go” starring cult icon Mary Woronov and late night TV comedienne Rhonda Shear. It’s an outrageous spectacular packed with mad scientists, mutant zombies, killer ninjas, genetic mutation and gratuitous shower scenes. Already a proven festival favorite, “Prison-A-Go-Go” garnered Best B Movie and Best Director awards at B-Movie Film Festival and Shock-A-Go-Go film festival, Best Feature at Backseat Film Festival and the Deep Ellum award at the Deep Ellum film festival.
After her sister is abducted for scientific reasons, brainy and beautiful Janie (Laurie Walton) must solve the mystery and attempt a rescue. The lone clue leads to a notorious, maximum-security women’s prison in the Philippines where committing a crime may be her only way in. Once inside, Janie comes face to face with the jail block’s colorful population of bizarre convicts including luscious lifer “Jackpot” (Rhonda Shear), a ruthless warden (Mary Woronov), vicious prison guards, and horrifying genetic experiments at the hands of a mad doctor. As Janie struggles to save her sister and the other female guinea pigs from almost certain death or worse, she must also deal with the daily rigors, violent encounters and outrageous exploits that can only come with life in an all women’s prison!

“Prison-A-Go-Go” will be available on DVD from Shock-O-Rama Cinema on July 26th!

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