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By Admin | October 29, 2007

Hey Gang-

As if all the gore you see on Halloween is not enough, you can see more Gore, well, me that is, hosting an all-new G4 special on airing on October 31st!

The show is called GRINDCORE and the idea is that we take schlocky horror films, cut out all the boring plot and character development, leaving only the best parts like the nudity, blood and gore — and then we make fun of it all. I host the show where I get to show off my movie geek knowledge while laughing along with you at the cheesy story, acting and effects.

Oh, and if that weren’t enough, you can also see me in a cameo on the X-Play Halloween Special also airing on the 31st. You’ll see how I got all bloody in those recent pics I posted. I have a few scenes with the amazingly talented Morgan Webb and someone else from G4 named Kevin Pereira. I took these pics of poor Kevin from the set and if you ask me, they look like crime scene photos.

Don’t worry, I think Kevin lives… I think.

For the exact times for the airings of Grindcore and the X-Play Halloween Special, click here.

If the Grindcore special is well received, I might actually get to make more of them. Otherwise, you’ll see me turning up a lot more on G4 on Attack of the Show hosting my regular DVDuesday segment each Tuesday, also Asian Underground every other week, and a brand new segment debuting this Friday called Garage Film School. This new segment is going to allow me to dispense real filmmaking knowledge to you in a condensed format with more extras online.

Hope you enjoy Grindcore, it was a blast to make!
Gore gone!

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  1. Chris Gore will be cool if he covers el topo and mentions SCISSOR SHOCK.

  2. josh says:

    pleasse do a episode featuring tetsuo:the iron man. its the best movie to come out of the 80’s, and who cares if its not a grindhouse movie. the sound fx’s were great the gore was great seeing that the 80’s were horribly bad with special fx (probably every body that did production was all strung out on crack or coke). but please its satisfyingly great with the weirdness. if you want a idea of it think of when akira bonds with the metal on a horribly bad night tripping on acid. its great cause i love bad acid trips its like living in a somwhat real horror movie.

  3. Ryan Hookstra says:

    Wow, Chris Gore is the biggest faggot ever. He and the movie ”grindhouse” made by those two hackjob cocksuckers totally ruined REAL grindhouse movies. F**k you Chris Gore, how is Tromeo And Juliet a ”Grindhouse” movie? It was made in 1996 stupid f**k. Dont get me wrong, i love Tromeo And Juliet but its not a Grindhouse movie you poser homo.

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