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By Doug Brunell | April 8, 2005

A young man (Travis Ammons) believes that he is Sherlock Holmes and that his roommate (Greg Kaufman) is his partner, Watson. In reality, Watson is just a guy who needed a place to live, and Sherlock, while mad, may actually be onto something. He’s out to prove that the apparent accidental drowning of a woman was actually murder. How he comes to this conclusion never really makes any sense, but by that point viewers aren’t expecting too much of the film anyway.

This short movie is not going to blow anyone’s mind with great acting or even a coherent story, but there are some funny bits of dialogue, and one can definitely see the Sherlock character being revisited at another time. This is one of those films that is done purely for fun; one with an idiotic premise that is handled so seriously it actually almost works. If the audience didn’t have to buy insane leaps of logic, this would have been a far more enjoyable film. As it stands now, though, it’s amusing in its own right, but little else.

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