By Admin | December 6, 2003

Cthulhu Gardens has got a couple of problems. Well what small town doesn’t? Not only does it have a mysterious creature, many believe to be an urban legend, stalking its quiet streets, but it’s got a serial killer running rampant as well. Grab a ringside seat ‘cause it’s clobberin’ time!
Despite an obviously miniscule budget, Wayne Spitzer manages to pull off some rather interesting imagery in “Shadows in the Garden,” separating itself from most of the shoestring budget horror fare. The big difference here is that Wayne has obvious talent and a vision all his own, not one he’s borrowing from someone else and then shredding it for all to wince at.
I would’ve liked to have seen a little less of the creature, however. When it’s shown to us at the top of the film, it loses its mysterious edge and becomes the thing that looks like a mix of the Predator, Swamp Thing and Godzilla instead of that creepy shape in the shadows. The old rule of less is more could’ve been applied here.
All in all, a spooky, even moody, short that shows promise of a bright young filmmaker on the rise.

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