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By Phil Hall | March 4, 2003

“Star Struck” is the latest endeavor from the over-prolific Baltimore filmmaker Jimmy Traynor. Running a mere 10 minutes, the film follows a would-be assassin hunting a movie star during the latter’s publicity tour. The killer has a reason for his pursuit, and perhaps his hunt can be considered justifiable homicide, but when he finally corners his Hollywood quarry he discovers that in real life the bad guys sometimes come out as the winners.

Clearly this is asking a lot for 10 minutes and “Star Struck” would have easily been more intriguing as a feature film. But despite the compressed running time, the film clearly benefits from newcomer Ben Schyan as the saturnine assassin and Traynor himself (sporting a close-cropped haircut and demonic goatee) as the targeted film star. Traynor in particular is quite effective and funny when he casually explains his sexual scorecard. “I’ve slept with a lot of women–they all come to me,” he states with a matter-of-fact air that gives new depth to the concept of lovable arrogance.

But if there are any future stars to come out “Star Struck,” it would be in the line-up of incredibly beautiful women assembled here: Peechee Neric as the star’s manager, Momoe Nakamura and Lisa Hinojosa as would-be groupies who use sex and violence to get their way, and Anastasia Summers-Roma as a reporter who is immediately smitten with Traynor’s charm (perhaps a little too easily smitten, but never mind). Maybe next time Traynor can reassemble these lovely young ladies for their own film rather than have them bask in the glow of his character’s machismo.

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