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By Eric Campos | April 26, 2002

I love sex with strangers! Yeah, the film is cool too. But damn, do I love sex with strangers!
You would think that a documentary about the swinging lifestyle would make you want to go out and mix with a bunch of h***y swingers and f**k your brains out, but no…this documentary will more than likely make you want to burn your private area away and go join the Mickey Mouse Club.
“Sex With Strangers” follows the lives of three different couples, sometimes intermingling with each other, as they pursue the swinging lifestyle. Now, the filmmakers seem to have a negative outlook on swingers because they chose two completely dysfunctional swinging couple and another couple that I would hope would give swingers across the world a bad name, but if most of them are like this, then good luck to all of you lovers out there looking to score a little extra excitement.
Let’s start with the dysfunctional couples. The first couple is younger, probably in their mid-twenties. The female half of this couple seems to always have problems with her boyfriend screwing other women, even though she gets a chance now and again to screw these women as well. They’ve both agreed to a swinging lifestyle, but she still harbors jealousy when the attention in the relationship isn’t fully focused on her. The second couple is older, in their mid-thirties maybe and once again, the female half of this relationship harbors jealousy against the women that her husband associates himself with.
As far as the other older couple goes, who’re probably in their late thirties, they give swinging a bad name as they discuss and go about it as a Trekkie would go about securing an autograph from Bill Shatner. These people are fanatics and have even fashioned their own business cards to hand out to prospective lays that they meet at clubs. Oh yeah, this couple also cruises around in a motor home that they park in the parking lots of clubs, so that they can bring their prey back for a quick f**k.
So, according to this film, the swinging lifestyle is still filled with as much jealousy as any other relationship would be and the people involved are total horndog morons. This may be true on both points and I’m sure it is for many situations, but the problem with this documentary is that they selected three couples, not completely different from each other, who all look like people who you would see on “Cops” racing down the highway, high on speed, blasting a shotgun out their window and cranking Black Sabbath. I believe that there’s a lot more out there to the swinging lifestyle than this documentary portrays. I’m sure that there are plenty of unsavory characters who indulge in this way of life, but I also know for a fact that there are plenty of others out there that carry on as swingers without being tied down with the jealousy bullshit and without being complete morons about it.
Still, what else do you expect from a produced-for-Showtime special? If you want to know what swinging is all about, grab your loved one by the hand and get out there and find out. If you want to see a train wreck that you can’t look away from, then look no further, because here it is.

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